BRIDGE International
2017 Holiday Party



BRIDGE International Real Estate





Type of Work / Services
  • Print & Production Setup
  • Layout
  • Creative Direction
  • 4×6 Invitation
  • 2×6 Tickets for Admission
  • Hand Addressed Black Envelopes (Not Pictured)

Gold Foil + Black Linen Card Stock = Beautiful.

This invitation was made using Gold & White foil on an epic black linen card stock paper—printed beautifully by Werner Printing in Chicago, IL. The tickets were printed by American Color Labs in Chicago, IL on a shimmer snow white card stock paper and perforated for admittance & head count tracking.

BRIDGE International is a real estate company doing things a little bit differently in Chicago, IL. For the company’s 2017 holiday party, it was decided to theme the party and all materials based around 1920’s art deco. This was my solution to the invitation produced for this party. These were packaged, along with the tickets, in a black envelope addressed to attendees using a metallic marker.